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Festival 2023

Nova 2023 features a programme exploring ensembles of all shapes and sizes, even including piano groups on top of the standard string formations. New faces join us for 3 days of uplifting music - making in a beautiful space.


We're very excited to present a programme showcasing different countries and centuries, travelling from the Czech Republic through Germany and France across wildly varying styles of composition. The music this year includes many different ensemble forms and we're so happy that Clive Pinkham has offered a piano for us to use this year, meaning we can begin to explore the vast array of piano string chamber music that is on offer!

It's going to be great to have Angus Webster and Ola Lenkiewicz onboard, after they stepped in last year when Elena Sidman got ill, and they will be performing with the familiar faces of Nova: Joseph, Jake, Felix, Elena (who is back to her amazing self) and Leon. We're really proud of the fact all our musicians are friends - the festival experience benefits so much as a result.

Wheal Martyn have welcomed us back and we cannot wait to play in the beautiful, flattering acoustics of the atrium there. As before, drinks and snacks are going to be available before and during the show, and this year if you join as a friend you would be invited to the opening night cocktails, before the concert, as well as getting priority booking.

We're busy preparing and are looking forward to seeing you!

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